How Becoming a Member of DonatingForKids.Org Will Truly Become the Most Rewarding Charity You Ever Donated Your Money or Time To.

It’s our hope that it will be your pleasure to be apart of our DonatingForKids.Org Non-Profit Organization

    Offering the premier mentorship program for kids at a pristine Colorado mountain location. Our hope is that any kid who spends time at our camp, will leave with a true belief they can achieve remarkable accomplishments in life.

  • Purchase land with existing structures in the Colorado mountain area.

  • Build a state of the art Indoor and Outdoor Sports facility Use funds to fly kids to our facility for weekly programs and offer ongoing online tutoring services + a community facebook to continue the mentoring and accountability process.

  • Employ only the best mentors, coaches, tutors and educators of any type.

  • Recruit volunteers to work with the kids at the facility as coaches & from home promoting our organization to companies who might happily pay to fly kids in need to our location.

  • Team with professional athletes, coaches and other true celebrity & business mentors who can not only work with the kids, but also help guide our program to be the best possible mentoring program anywhere.

  • Provide our members with a website where they’ll access detailed stories, videos and real life changing information straight from the kids and mentors participating this Donating For Kids program.

It’s our goal that you NOT just simply donate or volunteer, but we’d love to meet you in person someday also. You are always welcome to come out and stay in our facility while participating as a coach, helping maintain the property or even helping in the office. We are open to any ideas or ways you can contribute at our Colorado mountain location.

Once our camp is established, we’ll be teaming with professional athletes, coaches and other famous mentors you see and hear about on tv.

We’ll always be dedicated to improving our programs and documenting life changing results that our efforts have in the lives of kids. We expect to have many of those same kids come back to our camp to mentor and share their stories so they can be an inspiration to other kids.

The facility we create with our Donating For Kids organization will be open for kids from anywhere. If you know kids who could use a mountain get away with mentors and coaches who really care, we’ll be able to invite them out.

The list of kids we can help goes for miles.

Below are just some of the groups we can help.

  • Kids considered slow or dumb by school standards

  • Kids who completed drug rehab programs

  • Foster children

  • Youth who had run-ins with the law

  • Special Olympic participants, plus many others

Our first goal is to pay for this property in full and also have three years worth of taxes set aside to ensure ongoing use of our outdoor/indoor sports and mentoring camp. The asking price is 2.5 million dollars and the taxes are $14,354 yearly. As soon as the money is collected, the purchase will be made.

In the mean time, the property you help us purchase will be used for our first rounds of kids and to help us put our systems in place.

If you decide to become a member, you will have access to see first hand how your money is being used. If our budget does not allow us to fly in kids from other locations yet, we’ll start offering mentoring and out door activities for to local Colorado kids.

In the future, we expect to have funding so we can afford to fly or bus kids in from all over the USA.

A Little More About Step 2 - State of the Art Sports Training Facility As a member, you’ll get to see all the details as we build our facility.

Without jumping to far ahed, once we complete step 1, we’ll focus our efforts and donations on making step 2 a reality. Below is a list of all the features we’re looking to build at our facility.

  • Rock climbing wall
  • Volley ball
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • All athletics & fitness

  • Projector for movies
  • Dance floor Stage for entertainment
  • Fold up tables for crafts

  • Track
  • Jungle Gym
  • Robe obstacles
  • Tire obstacles
  • Grass field (soccer, baseball, football etc)

  • Grill
  • Picnic Tables
  • Camp Fire

  • Fishing
  • Canoeing

  • Downhill skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Cross country skiing

Our goal is to find the most qualified & caring coaches who’ll have a direct long-term impact on each child’s life. We’ll carefully choose the mentors and coaches we put in place as our expectations are high that each child who visits our camp will never forget his or her experience or the lessons taught. Members will get to see details like this and much more.

#1 - Donate any amount of money and you’ll have lifetime access

#2 - Volunteer at the facility or from home on your computer

Place your logo into the logo that will soon become famous. You company will get lifetime exposure for a one time donation of 1/2 million or more.

Pay for the building of housing so our students and mentors have a pleasant stay at our facility. You can brand your company and directly affect the lives of kids visiting our mentoring camp.

We’ll set aside your donation to directly benefit a group of kids you are already affiliated with or one of our groups of kids in need who you can read about in the membership section. You’ll also have access to seepictures, videos and more just so you know exactly how much your donation means to these kids.